Welcome to SurveyCam

Better than ordinary video or photos, Reports are the professional way to go. Prevent disputes & Gather Evidence. Supported by world most renowned insurance companies



A new, innovative tool to carry out asset inspections

Using graphics & video, not text and photos for easier, more informative and fully accountable inspections.

Better Because:


Because video is more descriptive than photos or text


Head office online admin has full control. And the inspection reports deliver certainty – they cannot be falsified or tampered with


Touch-screen, clickable checklists

No Forms. No text inputting. Just click and send.


What Customers Say


At XELLZ we deal with many operations within the projects we handle for our customers. It is essential for our company and that of our customers to have a proper and complete reporting on each operation. SurveyCam brings a system in which each item of the operation is checked and verified, videos are taken and there is a place to sign off. The report will show the custmer all he needs to know.

Wieland Risse - Executive Vice President