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Better than ordinary video or photos, Reports are the professional way to go. Prevent disputes & Gather Evidence. Supported by world most renowned insurance companies

Why SurveyCam

SurveyCam Pro is a system and mobile application for the logistics industry that is used to record on logistics operations, route surveys, and also in case of damages. SurveyCam is recommended by insurance companies as their main "first line of reporting" tool and is required by many shippers and cargo owners for obtaining reports based on check-lists and video recordings.

Easy to Use

SurveyCam is very easy to use as the check-list is pre-set in the system. The survey or inspection report request is then pushed to the mobile device of the user that is performing the reporting.


SurveyCam can be used for reporting on loading, lifting, transport, lashing and packing of cargo as well as for reporting on damages.

Another purpose for the application is for use on survey on jobsites or certain locations for logistics handling.


SurveyCam is for use on mobile devices, like smart-phones and or tablets and is available for Apple and Android devices.

The admin system is working on any internet browser

Easy as 1-2-3 Reporting

Reporting with SurveyCam is an easy 3 step operation.

What Customers Say


At XELLZ we deal with many operations within the projects we handle for our customers. It is essential for our company and that of our customers to have a proper and complete reporting on each operation. SurveyCam brings a system in which each item of the operation is checked and verified, videos are taken and there is a place to sign off. The report will show the custmer all he needs to know.

Wieland Risse - Executive Vice President

Latest News

The SurveyCam application is being officially launched in the next few weeks.